How to Remove/Hide Your Last Name on Facebook Profile

We all know that Facebook is one of the best and popular social networks in the world and inspires people of all ages. While coming across your friends' facebook profiles, you might have noticed and wondered that it doesn't display their last name. Pretty cool, right?

I came across some people who really want to do the same and searching for how-to articles. Unfortunately facebook allows only Indonesian people to have facebook accounts without last name since we can't do it until we are ready to tweak something in our facebook profile settings. So here it is for those who want to hide/remove last name on their facebook profiles.

Please follow the steps listed below to hide/remove the last name on your facebook profile. You can also watch video tutorial at the bottom of this article or here

1) Download the 'Hola better internet' add-on for your preferred browser and install it.

2) After installing the add-on, you would be able to change the country/location of your browser from your default country in hola add-on interface. therefore please change the location to "Indonesia". Now it means that you are living in Indonesia and accessing facebook ;)

3) Once you changed the country in your browser, please sign in to your facebook account and go to settings page (

4) In settings page, please set the language 'Bahasa Indonesia' and save it.

Well, You're done! Now you can remove your last name in settings page and save the profile. It will work.

Note: After removing the last name, you can revert back to your original language and use it as usual.

Please try it out and write your feedback/comments in the comments section.

Meet you in the next article :)