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Solution - Php Filter Module Not Exist in Drupal 8 ?

Due to security reasons, php filter module has been removed from Drupal 8. It caused adding php scripts in blocks and nodes very difficult. To overcome this problem we have created our own module and pushed it as sandbox project in Drupal.org

Php Shortcode - This modules provides shortcode option to execute php scripts inside blocks and nodes.

Dependencies:- Shortcode module

Project URL:- https://www.drupal.org/sandbox/niyas/2780793

Steps to use this module:-

Solving 'mismatched entity and/or field definitions' error in Drupal 8

In some cases, after installing a new module, the status report page in Drupal 8 is displaying errors such as 'Mismatched entity and/or field definitions'. Most of us might have come across this situation even though the module which caused such errors is different. I too have faced similar issue when I installed path auto module. I was getting errors in status report page as shown below:-

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