Top Facebook Contest Ideas to Gain More Followers!!!

facebook contest ideas

Facebook contest can be simple yet powerful to gain more followers or visitors for your facebook page that converts into business. There are plenty of third party applications to create facebook competitions in a matter of minutes. Recently even facebook provided an option to create facebook contest without using any third party applications. We need to be careful and pay sincere attention while creating facebook contests since it will affect your business in terms of trust and quality.

Here are some facebook contest ideas that can gain you more followers or engagement for your facebook page or business:-

Facebook Photo Contests:

You can create a photo contest by asking your followers to submit a photo based on your subject or theme. Fans can send photos directly via facebook message or post to your facebook page wall. Page admins will pick the winner by most likes from facebook community and reward him/her.

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In this kind of facebook contest, you need to give attractive caption to your contest so that users will tend to participate which will then increase more likes and comments. It is said to be one of the best facebook contest ideas.

Facebook Video Contests:

Similar to photo contests, Video contests is one of the best facebook contest ideas to increase your page engagement. Page admins can ask their followers to submit a creative video and then offer a reward to the best creation. You can also ask for videos that show people using your product, showing off their creativity, just talking about their experience with your business or something interesting!!! This kinda facebook competitions can really work well when compared with facebook contests created using any third party apps.

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Caption Contests:

Caption contests could be one of the best facebook contest ideas since it will attract more facebook users with creative mind. You can choose any photo and ask your followers to caption it, be it funny or something creative, it will gain more engagement for sure. You can finally choose the best caption and reward the user who made it!!!

Like to Win:

In "Like to Win" kinda facebook contest, page admins will write about anything and ask their followers to like the post. In this case, fans will have to do nothing except simply liking the post. The final winner will be the random person selected by page admins among likers. Using this facebook contest, you can get thousands of likes in very short time for your facebook post as well as for your page.

Share to Win:

"Share to win" facebook contest is more powerful than "like to win" since you're asking your fans to share your content which will reach people other than your fans as well. In this way, you will get number of new followers and more engagement for your business.

Like above facebook contests, there are lot of facebook contest ideas such as guessing game, Share contest, Recipe contest etc. These kinda facebook competitions are considered as well-known and best ways to gain more engagement for your business.

Hope you found these facebook contest ideas useful, Please comment your feedback or any facebook contest ideas that you found useful.

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