How can I find who unfriended me on Facebook?

Who unfriend you on facebook?

One of the most asked questions on Google - How can I see the list of friends who unfriended me on Facebook? There may be some reasons why facebook not allowing us to know who deleted me on facebook. Even though facebook provides lot of other features, people are always curious to get something which doesn't exist ;-)

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While people looking for the existence of such features, some good geeks came forward and implemented an application which finds out who unfriended me on facebook. The android application called "Who unfriended me" will help us find who deleted us from their friend list.

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How to get "Who unfriended me on facebook" app?

All users with latest android version can get the app from here:-

Please follow the list of steps I've done to see who unfriended me on facebook:-
1) Please install the above android app in your mobile phone and access your facebook account using the app.

2) For the first time, you will see something like this:-

"This is the first time you use this application, from now on you'll be notified when your contact list changes."

3) Once you've authenticated the app to get your friend list, it will store the friend list in your mobile phone. Now on wards, whenever there is a change in your friend list, you will get notifications from the app.

4) The android app "Who unfriended me" will notify you about following changes in your account:-

  • Friends who blocked me
  • Friends who unfriended me
  • Friends who deactivated
  • Friends who reactivated
  • Friends who befriended you again
  • New friends

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This is how I found who deleted me on facebook. Please try it out and let us know your feedback in the comments section below. You can also post here if you know any other useful tricks to find lost friends on facebook.

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